Pricing & plans

Simple, transparent pricing. Start with a free 30 minute intro with a Tag Manager Expert.
First, we find the issues.
We'll start by establishing your tracking goals and auditing your account.
Then we'll fix them.
Then we'll work with you to test and implement the issues we've identified.

Find & Fix

Full Tag Manager audit and implementation.
Dedicated Tag Manager Expert
Full audit
Documentation of recommended fixes
Phone & email support
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Frequently asked questions

Why should we work with Tag Manager Experts?
Tag Manager experts are highly specialized and follow a well-defined process to ensure your account is set up quickly and right, without the high retainers and slow-moving nature of consultancies.
How does the audit work?
A Tag Manager expert will work with your team to ensure your tracking is set up correctly. Here's how:
  • First, we'll jump on a 30-minute call to outline your goals
  • Then we'll dive into your account to identify required fixes
  • You'll receive a Google Sheet with all the necessary changes, explanations, and copy & paste-ready code
  • Next, we'll jump on a 60-minute "build call" to implement fixes
  • Throughout this process & for the month following completion, we offer direct support via phone and¬†email
What kind of results can I expect?
After working with Tag Manager Experts, you can expect a Tag Manager container that's been fully organized, tested, and documented based on your specifications. In other words, you can expect a Tag Manager set up that ensures your marketing tools are reliably integrated.